Spirit Bear Body Care

Muscle Care

All Natural Aromatherapy Balm

*a soothing, penetrating, all-natural aromatherapy massage balm which provides gentle warmth and relief to sore, aching, overworked muscles and joints. *helpful for leg cramps, pain and muscle tension, chest colds and sinus headaches.

Complete Ingredient list:

Aromatherapy Essential Oils:
Ginger: *warms and strengthens. *eases aches, pains, cramps and muscle tension. *increases blood flow to sore, tense muscles.

Eucalyptus: *relieves spasms, pain, inflammation, soreness, nerve pain.

Benzoin: *releases tension and stress, calms nerves. *increases warmth and circulation *eases general aches and pains, relaxes.

Birch: *natural pain reliever * relieves sore cramped muscles
Sandalwood: *reduces nervous tension and stress. *warms and regenerates the tissues.

All Natural Base Ingredients:

First-pressed Sweet Almond Oil: *excellent penetrating properties
Natural Beeswax: * protects the skin.

Packaged in a dark brown glass jar

Muscle Care


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