Spirit Bear Body Care

*Cruelty-free *All-natural *Aromatherapy *Body Care


We have been handcrafting our high quality 100% natural, chemical-free aromatherapy body care products from our own special formulas since 2001.

We handcraft our all-natural aromatherapy body care products entirely from organic and natural ingredients and therapeutic essential oils to best capture the healing power of nature.

Because of our concern for the health of our Mother Earth, eco-friendly Spirit Bear Body Products are minimally packaged in re-usable or recyclable containers. We ship in use reused or recycled shipping material whenever possible.

Spirit Bear Body Care products are cruelty-free. We have never and will never use animal testing or ingredients.

Spirit Bear Body Care is named after the Spirit Bear.

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"I searched for a long time for a tooth care product with no sodium lauryl sulphate in it. Most lip balms gave me chapped lips instead of relieving them! Discovering Spirit Bear products sure put a smile on my face. I choose them for what they put into their ingredient list and also appreciate what isn't present too! It is a product you can trust." Marianne Morris, Nelson, B.C. Canada


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